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Dr., D.O. Andris Zemītis


Since 2009 – osteopath at “Veselības centrs 4,” 115 Krišjāņa Barona street.

Since 1999 until now – Private practice in osteopathy at 103 Aleksandra Čaka street, Riga.

Since 1986 until now – surgeon at Saulkrasti city hospital and clinic.

1999 – One of the founders of the Osteopathic centre in Riga.

1995 – 1999 – Private practice in manual therapy.


2003 – Founder of University of Latvia’s post-diploma educational institute, the medical school of osteopathy. Since 2003, director of this school, as well as lecturer in structural and visceral osteopathy.

2008 – Created the osteopathic education course in the University of Latvia’s professional medical education programme “2nd level residential course in osteopathy.”

Since 2008 – co-operation with CFPCO (France) in creating further educational programmes in osteopathy.

Since 2005 until now – Guest speaker on structural and visceral osteopathy in Russia: Osteopathy course in Saint-Petersburg, School of Osteopathy in Krasnodar, also in Moscow and Vladivostok.

Since 2004, organizing international guest speaker seminars of osteopaths in Latvia.

Since 2008 – performing research on development of patients’ post-operation visceral and biomechanical problems and their osteopathic correction.


1995 – 1999 – University of Osteopathy Latvia, Diploma of osteopathic medicine

1995 – Specialized courses in manual therapy

1986 – Surgery internship at P. Stradiņa Clinical University Hospital

1985 – Riga Institute of Medicine

Papildus izglītība osteopātijā - semināri, konferences:

Additional education in osteopathy – seminars, conferences:

Fundamental basics of osteopathy (international conference) 03.06.2000, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Osteopathic gravitational concept – Nr.1.(Bernard Autet D.O.MROF), 23.–26.03.2001, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Whiplsh syndrome, posttraumatic stress disorders in osteopathy (Francis Peyralade D.O. MROF), 23.–26.08.2001, Kaunas, Lietuva.

Osteopathic approach in trauma (Jean-Pierre Barral D.O.MROF). 03.-06.11.2001, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Osteopathic gravitational concept - Nr.2. (Bernard Autet D.O.MROF). 24.–27.01.2001, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Endocrinology and osteopathy. (Francois Allart D.O.MROF). 27.–29.01.2002, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Teaching osteopathy in Russia. The nature of the question and perspectives. (international conference). 03.04.2002, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Osteopathic treatment methods in patients with high movement stereotypes (Marc Bozetto D.O.MROF). 05.–08.07.2002, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Osteopathic Medicine Techniques Related to Nerves Plexuses. (Jean–Pierre Barral D.O.MROF). 06.–09.12.2002, Moscow, Russia

Osteopathy and occlusodontie (Michelle Coquillat) Saint Petersburg 08.-11.12.2002, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Diagnostic palpation and fascial correction techniques (Serge Paoletti D.O.MROF) Saint Petersburg 16.-19.01.2003, Saint Petersburg, Russia

’’Traitement osteopathique lors des differentes etapes de la grossesseet de l ‘accouchement‘’ (Grūtniecības un dzemdību problēmu osteopātiska ārstēšana) (Michelle Dangreau–Mussat D.O.MROF) 20.–23.03.2003, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Miofascial osteopathy (Roger Caporossi D.O.MROF) 03. – 07.07.2003 Sankt-Pēterburga, Krievija.

Miofascial osteopathy (Roger Caporossi D.O.MROF) 03.–06.11.2003 Paris, France

Treatment of dysfunctions of the vegetative nervous system (Jean-Luc Payrouse D. O. MROF) 14.–17.12.2003, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Diagnostic et traitement du bassin et du rachis /Diagnosis and correction of dysfunctions in the spinal and pelvic areas (L.Dick D.O.FAAO. ASV) 26.04.–01.05.2004 Paris, France

Clinical posturology, posture and occlusion. An international symposium 05.–08.06.2004, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Fascial dysfunctions - diagnostic and treatment. (Serge Paoletti D.O.MROF). Starptautisks seminārs, 21.–24.10.2004, Jurmala, Latvia

Osteopathy in paediatrics (Viola Frymann. FAAO. ASV). 07.-11.04.2005, Paris, France

Osteopathy. Scientific conference. 10.-12.06.2005, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Funcion orofacial y balance esfera craneal/pelvica / Facial functional connection to cranial and pelvic segments (Roland Lorilleux, Franck Maze). 04.-06.07.2005, Barcelona, Spain

Posturology (D.Mohov D.O.E. Russia). 06.–08.09.2005, Riga, Latvia

Gynaecology and the regulation of pregnancy in osteopathy (Claudine Ageron-Marque D.O.MROF) 06.-09.11.2005, Jūrmala, Latvia

L’approche osteopathique en radiololgie / The osteopathic viewpoint in Radiology/. (Corfu D.O. Šveice) 02.–05.11.2005, Paris, France

Whiplash dysfunctions – aetiology, diagnosis and treatment (Jose Puren) 03–08.01.2006, Finland

5th international osteopathic conference 05.-08.06.2006. Maidstone, Great Britain

Osteopathic corrections of fascial dysfunctions - Sutherland. (A.Chila D.O. ASV) 09.2006, Jūrmala, Latvia

LOR dysfunctions and their osteopathic treatment (T.Lebourcier, Francija). 05.–07.01.2007 Finland

Les techniques osteopathic viscerale approfondere. (B.Quef D.O, Brazīlija). 08.–11.01.2007, Parīze, Francija.

Osteopathic corrections of fascial dysfunctions (L.Dick D.O., ASV) 18.–22.04.2007, Spain

Symposium “Osteopathy open” 25 – 27.05.2007, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Connective tissue continuity: ligamentous and membranous articular dysfunction. 29.06 – 01.07.2007 . (Antony Chila D.O. ASV). Jūrmala, Latvia

3 seminars on functional osteopathy (Gerard Montet.D.O. Francija) 08.2007, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Advanced structural osteopathy: short levers HVLA technique - 1“. 16.–18.06.2008. (Joze Kunzler D.O. Jaunzēlande) Jūrmala, Latvia

Advanced structural osteopathy: short levers HVLA technique - 2“. 11.-13.05.2009. (Joze Kunzler D.O. Jaunzēlande) Jūrmala, Latvia

Symposium “ Osteopathy open” 12.-14.06.2009, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Advanced structural, fascial osteopathy (Mathieu Schlachet.D.O. Francija) 23.–25.01.2009, Jūrmala, Latvia

Biodynamics in osteopathy I. 25.–28.06.2009. (Tom Esser .D.O. Germany)

Clinical Neurodynamic Approach in Peripheral Nerve Pain Disorders. Upper limb.” (Philip Moulaert D.O. Beļģija) 21.–23.11.2009, Jūrmala, Latvia

David Taton. Structural osteopathy, Paris, France

Biodanymics in osteopathy II. 25– 28.06.2010. (Tom Esser D.O. Germany)

Biodynamics in osteopathy and paediatrics, 21. - 24.10.2010 (Tom Esser D.O. Germany)